Frequently Asked Questions

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1. What is (Kudos) is a marketplace for services targeted for Malaysia’s market. User can register as a buyer to buy services offer by a seller. User can register as a seller and start sell their services. For example, if a user is good at graphic design, he/she can register as a seller and post a job to design a business card. Other users can purchase the service and start communicated with the seller using out Kudos platform.

2. What payment type is accepted?

Currently we accept Paypal and online banking. More payment type will be added in the future.

3. Is registration free?

Yes, registration as a seller or buyer is free. Seller can post their services at no cost. When buyer purchases their services, Kudos will charge a commission of 20% on the service package price. The commission is used to pay for platform’s infrastructure fee, management fee and marketing efforts.

4. What is membership subscription?

There are 4 membership subscription type (Basic, Standard, Business, Professional). New user who registers (Seller/Buyer) at our website will have Basic membership. User can later upgrade their membership by purchasing them. Higher membership package will have more options like bigger service value and use of packages when posting jobs.

5. What is packages?

When posting a job, seller can choose to describe the service by packages, for example Basic, Standard and Premium. This feature is only available for user who subscribes to Standard membership and above.

6. What is user level?

User level is a feature for a Seller. As more services are successfully sold by the Seller, the user level will be automatically upgraded to the next level where more features will be available to the Seller. Think this like when you are playing game where user move to the next level after completing tasks at the current level.

7. What is Kudos’s affiliate?

Kudos’s affiliate is another way for Kudos’s users to make money. All they need to do is promote their affiliate URL and will be paid for any sales generated from their URL. Affiliate commission is 10% from the job’s price or maximum of RM500 (for job > RM5000). Kudos platform will track user’s affiliate URL automatically.

8. Is buyer and seller allow to deal outside Kudos?

Buyer and seller is not allowed to deal outside Kudos platform. This is to protect Kudos branding and business. User involves in such activities will be banned from Kudos.

9. Error uploading images

Upload image have a minimum size (width=500px, height=300px). Kindly ensure your image meet this minimum size.

10. I need support, who should I contact?

You can always reach us at